Where children are

our precious gems!





The "Sapphire" attracts and oversees one's divine mission in life, instilling, faith, hope and joy along the way.


Sapphire Gymnastics Academy Mission Statement


We believe that each child that comes through our doors has a specific mission for their life. At SGA we are committed to overseeing this mission by instilling the following life qualities in each child that we come in contact with:


  • Faith- We will strive to instill a confidence, trust and belief in oneself to each child.
  • Hope- SGA staff is committed to instilling an expectation and anticipation of excellence in
    all students.
  • Joy- Students at SGA will learn to find a source of pleasure in physical activity through the love of gymnastics.



Sapphire Gymnastics Academy was founded in 2005 by Carla Edwards and Megan Robinson. We began with one location in Urbandale with 78 students and 10,000 sq ft. Our first year was a great one! We grew our recreational program rapidly and collected four Junior Olympic state championships. Pretty impressive considering we opened our doors just three months before the competitive season began! In December of 2010, Sapphire Urbandale uprgraded to a larger building which included 12,500 square feet, and the addition of our Pre-ballet and Gym 'N Learn (Parent's Morning Out) Programs. In just two quick years we outgrew that gym as well and began planning a more permanent move! June of 2013 marked the opening of our 25,000 square foot facility on Meredith Drive in Urbandale.


In 2009 Sapphire Des Moines opened. We are now at home in our fully air conditioned 6,000 sq ft. facility. We began with 48 recreational students and have grown that base rapidly. We also added an XCel team in 2010. We are so glad to offer a fully equipped gym to the South Side of Des Moines.


Ruby Gymnastics was added in 2011. Ruby is a 9,800 sq ft. facility in Cedar Falls, IA and is the best equipped gym in the area. We boast a 30' tumble track, trampoline, a pit and preschool sized equipment for our little ones. Check out for more information on our sister gym.


What will 2015 bring for us? Tune in and see! With a new facility, and plenty of room for growth, we know for sure it will be a wild ride! We would like to thank the families of Urbandale, Des Moines and Cedar Falls for making it possible for us to do what we do. We appreciate you all and are thankful that you have chosen Sapphire/Ruby as your gymnastics home!

We host special events frequently throughout the year including parties, sleepovers, clinics, day camps, holiday events, parents' night outs, open gym, food drives, and so much more! For information on our upcoming events you can email our events coordinator using the link at the bottom of the page!